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Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry, Fashion Accessories, Discount Costume Jewelry. Thank you for visiting Annapurna Treasures. Shop for the latest discount costume jewelry while saving money! Annapurna Treasures manufactures beautiful wholesale fashion accessories, and costume jewelry also. Manufacturer and distributor of quality fashion accessories and costume jewelry.


Wholesale Fashion Jewelry
Wholesale Fashion Jewelry
Wholesale Fashion Jewelry
Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Wholesale Costume Jewelry

Annapurna Treasures manufactures top quality boutique style accessories. We manufacture the best quality wholesale fashion jewelry and accessories. Our product line includes an assortment of wholesale earrings, necklaces, bracelets, sarongs, bags, belts and much more. Wholesale Fashion Jewelry, Wholesale Costume Jewelry, Buy the newest wholesale fashion jewelry trends direct from the source. So, you pay less!

Wholesale Fashion Accessories

Annapurna Treasures is a hands on company. Because we do our own sourcing and discovery, we know the business well. While most wholesalers rely on middlemen, we manufacture our own line of wholesale fashion jewelry. It is a lot of fun wandering through unknown remote villages, local night markets, weekend markets, and bazaars in Asia looking for raw materials. This is how we find the new fashion accessories and fashion jewelry that we wholesale direct to you.

We search far and wide for the best wholesale fashion accessories and fashion jewelry materials to use in our products. We have been doing so for almost twenty years. Consequently, we have become experts in fashion jewelry. We have developed good relationships with our suppliers, many we have known from the beginning. Each and every year new friends are added to our list of fashion accessories and fashion jewelry suppliers.

Good business practices.

In order to keep things in balance we always do our best to make sure we buy direct. We buy raw materials from those who create the fashion accessories and fashion jewelry we wholesale. Furthermore, we never buy anything from sweatshops and child labor mills, and those who take advantage of the less fortunate, and prey on humanity. All of our wholesale fashion accessories and jewelry products are individually handmade with love by those who create them. As a result, our fashion accessories and fashion jewelry are always fresh and new. Click here to go to the About Annapurna Treasures page and read more about what we do. We welcome you to Annapurna Treasures!

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